• Finn Calander

Lazy Weekend in Sågmyra

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25: Thaw! Lots of snow fell down from the roof, making the house shake. Where the sun shone the roads now were clear of snow and ice. L made a nice broth for dinner, and I made buns. The rest of Saturday was spent reading and watching an episode of Il commissario Montalbano. Sunday offered a clear blue sky, bright sunshine and plus eight degrees Centigrade. Snow heaps still huge, but rapidly shrinking. In the afternoon B & G – traveling companions to Galápagos and the desert areas in the US – dropped by for a "fika" on their way back from Vemdalen to their hometown Trosa. Nice. B brought with him the photo book he had made from images taken during our desert journey. Late afternoon L and I drove back to Uppsala.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 4,2 kilometers

#Sågmyra #spring

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