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Test Results & Coffee

08:30 = appointment with Dr T. All the test results but one was just fine. Dr T checked my blood pressure in both arms and ditto legs. Ok, nothing wrong. She squeezed my stomach to feel the kidneys. Nothing wrong. But one blood test result was not quite ok, so I'll get a referral to Akademiska (Uppsala University Hospitable) to check up on my adrenal glands. After seeing Dr T, I went to the gym, and after that proceeded to Arrenius & Company for a nice cup of real coffee. Nice place, nice person behind the counter. Bought a bread at Forsa bakery, and went home. Lovely spring weather today. Warm sun = snow heaps rapidly shrinking. Spotted a bunch of winter aconites on a lawn.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 5,6 kilometers

#Uppsala #health #spring

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