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Mystery Language & Blue Agents

Sågmyra. Early morning: Minus 20.1 degrees Centigrade. Late morning sunshine from a crystal clear blue sky; minus 7.0 degrees. L and I went for a walk in the lovely weather, feeling the spring vibes. Then we packed the car, and turned south-west back to Uppsala.

Uppsala. When we arrived in Uppsala in the afternoon, I went straight to Ungdomens hus to attend a gig (on the way I had to stop for a burger meal at Max's). Two groups were to play, Mystery Language, from Stockholm, and Agent Blå (Agent Blue), from Gothenburg. The doors opened at six, and the gig started shortly before seven. I got a lot of photos, and bought a Mystery Language T-shirt. Very nice band members and good music. Great way to spend a Saturday evening.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 9,0 kilometers

#Ungdomenshus #Uppsala #concert #pop #rock #indie

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