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Baby-walking & Recycling

Today L and I had the pleasure to "babywalk" young E (almost five months old), while his parents had a brunch meeting with friends. Before leaving E in our care, he had lunch, and after that L and I played with him until he got tired. A diaper change, E was put into his pram, and off we went. As the pram was bumping along, E instantly fell asleep. One hour and twenty minutes later, we retured home, where we met up with (old) E and M. Said goodbye to the three of them, and proceeded to the recycling station at Willy:s, Björkgatan. Got rid of glass bottles and containers, and the to ICA at Kvarnen to do some grocery shopping. The streets are full of snow heaps and slush. Temperature just above freezing, and more snow on its way. Dreary, indeed.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 6,8 kilometers

#Uppsala #winter

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