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  • Finn Calander

Shopping & Street Fighting

After a late breakfast, L and I went into the city to do some shopping. At the intersection of Dragarbrunnsgatan and Bredgränd, a policeman was on guard, preventing people to enter Svartbäcksgatan, as there was an ongoing dangerous situation. Apparently, a bloodied man with a knife was pacing back and forth on the street, shouting incomprehensibly. L didn't notice anything as she had entered a yarn store the moment before. While I waited outside, watching the police at a distance, a fight broke out between two men just where I was standing. A brave woman stepped in, and managed to defuse the situation before anyone was hurt. Eventually the police got the situation on Svartbäcksgatan under control, and we could proceed with our shopping. Through a Uppsala that looked like a city in Siberia – snow, ice and slush everywhere. Back home – coffee, reading, bathroom cleaning, and dinner. Tonight we'll be waching the final to determine which song will be Sweden's contribution to the European Song Contest 2018.

Distance covered (as measured by the car meter): 3,5 kilometers

#Uppsala #winter #street

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