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  • Finn Calander

Snow, Snow, Snow ...

Snowing here in Uppsala tonight and in the morning. Had to drive north to Sågmyra, to look after the house and shovel snow. I hardly got the Volvo out of the parking space, due to a lot of snow making the front wheels spin. The roads were slushy, so overtaking slower vehicles were not a good idea. Arrived in Sågmyra around one thirty. Our road had not been plowed, slippery. Got the shovel and cleared a space for the car. Now there is so much snow; it is very hard to get rid of the snow when shoveling. Watered the plants, checked around, and turned back towards Uppsala.

Distance covered (as measured by the car meter): 400,7 kilometers

Bengtsgårdsvägen, Sågmyra

#Sågmyra #Uppsala #winter

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