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  • Finn Calander

Sic transit gloria mundi

Snow beginning to melt in the city. Got an e-mail from Uppland's Motor, telling me it was time to book an appointment to get the studded tires changed to summer tires. So, it seems spring can't be too far away ... In the morning I helped my younger brother to publish a book – PORN (not what you think) – he has written, on Blurb. Only in Swedish, though. After lunch, I went for a walk. First to the back of SIVIA square, where it looks like some renovation works have begun. Then up to the castle, and proceeded to the old cemetery off Thunbergsvägen. I strolled along the paths, meditating on "the meaning of life" while studying gravestones and epitaphs. Two hours and forty minutes later, I returned home for an eagerly awaited coffee. An episode of Homeland before going to bed.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 8,5 kilometers


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