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A Cabin in the Mountains

I've been away for over a week, with no WiFi and a weak 4G connection, so here is a a combined blog post to summarize the week that's gone by.

Friday 17 February – Sunday 25 February

On Friday 17 L and I travelled to Sågmyra, where we met up with E, M and young E (four months old that day). Spent the night there, and on Saturday morning we drove the two Volvos north to Tännäs in the southern parts of the Swedish mountains region in Härjedalen. M:s parents rents two wooden cottages there, in a compound called Fjällvattnet. After stopping in Mora for coffee, and in Sveg for a late lunch and grocery shopping, we arrived at cabin number 24, where we were welcomed by the earlier arrivers: M:s parents, B and G, and M:s big sister, her husband and their two young kids. Lots of snow. Good cross-country skiing conditions. E and M had rented a sledge to bring young E along on excursions along the ski tracks.

On Tuseday 20 we visited Härjebrygg, producers of artisanal beers, and from there we went on a guided tour to the Musk Ox Center in Tännäs. Interesting and awesome to see and learn about these creatures that walked the earth side by side with the mammoths. On Thursday some of us went by ski and some by snowmobile across the snowscapes to Falkboets våffelstuga (The Falcon Nest Waffle Cabin), where we all enjoyed freshly made waffles with cloudberry jam and whipped cream. Great company, great waffles, great weather, great views.

Otherwise, we read, played games, enjoyed the peace and quiet. L and I of course enjoyed to be in the company of young E for over a week.

#Tännäs #winter #vacation

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