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  • Finn Calander

Judgement Day

This afternoon, I had an appointment at Akademiska sjukhuset (hospital), urology section. My PSA level had risen, an indication of possible prostate cancer, so I had to be examined by specialists. As I was requested to arrive with a full bladder, I went out for a walk in the hospital area at noon. Had lunch and coffee in the hospital restaurant and café. When it was time to go to the urology section, my bladder was pretty full. A nice nurse arranged for a flow measurement in a toilet. I peed into a big funnel, under which a container was placed on a kind of scale. Well, whatever. Then I was led into an examination room, where the physician and a young medical student examined me (I won't go into any details here, use your imagination). All was found to be ok (normal, considering my age). So far, so good. Left the hospital and went for a coffee and a bun at the Ungdomens hus café. Nice. Then back home, meeting up with L.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 6,4 kilometers

#Uppsala #health

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