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Get your Headgear Screwed on ...

I follow a lot of interesting people on Instagram. One is artist Claus Moltke-Hoff (@mamaria_ironica). A couple of days ago, I saw that Claus was opening an exhibition this Saturday, at The Red House, Gallery 1, in Leksand. As Leksand is only about 20 kilometers away from Sågmyra, L and I decided that we would not miss the opportunity to visit Claus' exhibition Huvudsaken (The Main Point, untranslatable Swedish pun). Claus has created a dozen headgear, to use by those of us who need to break off from our ordinary ways of thinking. Besides being a very nice and interesting person, Claus is a philosopher who's never has grown up. His works are playful, imaginative, and aesthetically appealing. I don't really know what it means to "understand" a work of art. Claus' works I can grasp and enjoy, and just leave the "understanding" to deeper minds than mine. After the exhibition, L and I went for a very short walk in the center of Leksand, did some shopping at Mårtas grocery store, and drove back home to do some more snow shoveling in our front yard. Minus 10 degrees Centigrade. Nice afternoon sky. No wind. A day well spent – a really beautiful winter day.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 1,6 kilometers

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