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Resist! Save Ungdomens Hus

Today I didn't take a walk after visiting the gym in the morning. Instead I went to Ungdomens hus (the Youth's House), and, after paying my membership fee for 2018, I spent the afternoon there. The house is run by young people, members of The Youth House Association. (Obviously) there is no age limit for becoming a member, but members of the association board must be between 13 and 25 years old. The Ungdomens hus building is in dire need of renovation, and the municipality are having plans to sell the building, and move the Ungdomens hus activities to another location, together with other municipality supported youth activities. The Ungdomens hus members and board, do not like this idea, and want to still be located in the building after the renovation work is completed. My first visit today, was the starting point for a photo project, documenting activities, people, the building, and future developments.

#Uppsala #Ungdomenshus

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