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  • Finn Calander

A Day in Stockholm

Sunny. Zero degrees Centigrade. L and I took the train to Stockholm in the morning, to visit the art exhibition at Liljevalchs. On our way to Djurgården, we looked into some shops and had a coffee at Sturekatten café. Outside Liljevalchs, there was a looong que, so we decided to make a visit to Nordiska muséet instead. Interesting exhibitions; one on light and different kinds of lamps, and one on 1950's fashion. Left Nordiska around 15 pm, and went along Strandvägen, through the Old Town, along Götgatan, to finally meet up with young E (and his parents). We all (not young E, though) had a drink at a bar, before going to a food court to buy dinner. Back home in Uppsala at 11 pm.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 12,7 kilometers


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