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  • Finn Calander

No Tourist View of Uppsala

Plus 6 degrees Centigrade today also. Dark clouds in overcast sky; light rain. Had a call from my health centre this morning, informing me that my blood pressure was way too high, and I had to take additional medication. Not good news. Went for a walk in the Boländerna industrial area, choosing to saunter into backyards close to the railway tracks. What you then find are views of Uppsala that no tourist ever have encountered. Its filthy. Rubbish, scrap and junk left to slowly rot away into the soil. In other places there are ongoing building projects. Apartment blocks grow from the ground like mushrooms. Uppsala is evolving constantly. On my way back home I met an older gentleman dressed in a Swedish army uniform from the 1930's. He was an artilleryman, who later would command the cannon salute at the doctoral degree conferment ceremony at the University Building. He had strong opinions on how Uppsala is destroyed by today's modern architecture. In the evening L and I went to Taps Beer Bar at Drottninggatan. Nice place. Good beer. Great choice of music – Tom Waits, Clash and other goodies flowed from the loudspeakers.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 10,4 kilometers


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