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  • Finn Calander

A Day of Missions

Plus 6 degrees Centigrade today. Windy. Dark clouds in overcast sky in the morning, some sun in the afternoon. At 9:20 am the Volvo had an appointment at Opus vehicle inspection in Librobäck, so that was today's first mission. On the way I dropped L off at work. The inspector found fault with the low beam setting, something that I needed to attend to as soon as possible. Unplanned mission no. 2: Driving to Uppland's Motor car repair shop where the Volvo had been serviced some weeks ago. No problem. A mechanic fixed it right away to no cost. Mission no. 3 was to wash the car, which I did at Circle K Svartbäcken. Home. Park the now fairly clean car. Off by foot for missions 4, 5, 6, and 7. No. 4: Buy the newly published book – 68 by Henrik Berggren – on the 1968 generation, at Akademibokhandeln. Check. No. 5: Buy a sourdough bread at Forsa bakery. Check. No. 6: Get a semla (shrovetide bun) at Triller bakery. Check. No. 7: Buy some greenstuff at ICA Torgkassen grocery store. Check. Missions completed. Lunch. Coffee.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 2,9 kilometers


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