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  • Finn Calander

Walking down Memory Lane

Monday. Morning at the gym. Then a walk down Memory Lane – walking the same streets I used to go for 10 years, on my way to work at the Department of Teacher Training in the old Seminar building. Much had changed. New residential neighborhoods had been built, new buildings had been erected and old ones had beed demolished. At the Seminar I turned, and went back home. Passed another old workplace at Sturegatan – the building where the Department of Education was located until 2010, when it moved to the then new Campus Blåsenhus in the Botanical Gardens. Bought coffee beans – from Ethiopia, and from India – at Arrenius & Co at Drottninggatan, and took care of some other errands as well. Coffee at home. Went out again at 5:30 for an appointment with my optician. New glasses needed. SEK 13K ...

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 8,8 kilometers


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