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  • Finn Calander

50 Shades of Grey – in between the Black & White

Late night yesterday. Rose late today. After breakfast L went cross-country skiing. Lots of snow! We haven't had this much snow here in Sågmyra, in almost 40 years. Great for skiing. I followed L up to where the skiing tracks began, and then slowly went back to the house. Just took a leisurely stroll, enjoying the snowy landscape. At home I started reading Teju Coles intriguing photobook Blind Spot. Cole is a great photographer, as well as a great writer. In Blind Spot he blends these two artforms together, and creates an astounding piece of work. An IPA (or two) plus an accompanying Lagavulin single malt , while reading, just made my day. Do you feel lucky, punk? Yes, I do!

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 2,9 kilometers


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