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  • Finn Calander

Memento Mori

Today's walk started at 10:55 am. Crossed Vaksala torg (square) and proceeded along the Uppsala boulevard to "The English Park" behind the University library. Close by is the Uppsala Old Cemetery, an interesting and beautiful place, and I strolled around there for some time. I am to become (God willing) 68 this April, and I was reminded of my mortality by reading the epitaphs written on the gravestones surrounding me. And from coming across an ongoing funeral ceremony. I left the cemetery. Went back home along S:t Olofsgatan. As I passed the former place of The Uppsala University Foundations Management of Estates and Funds, I was reminded of the words of Marx & Engels': Alles Ständische und Stehende verdampft (All that is solid melts into air) ... To cheer up, I bought a Shrovetide bun at Triller bakery. It worked.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 6,0 kilometers


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