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  • Finn Calander

The Quest for a Pair of Trainers and a Flatiron

Today: Sun, bits of blue sky, -4 degrees Centigrade. We (the beloved one, L, and yours truly) walked to Boländerna in search for a new pair of trainers, for L to use at the gym, and a new flatiron for us to use at home. Passed the Vattenfall district heating facility, and their solar cell panel, shaped like a flower with blackish petals. When L finally had decided on a pair of trainers, we were in need of something to eat. Being close to IKEA, we went there for a hot dog each. Five SEK each – I dare not to think of what those sausages were made of. Turned our noses homewards, bought a flatiron that was designed like some battleship out of Star Wars, and returned home just as the sun was going down, and a few snowflakes began to fall.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 8,6 kilometers


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