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  • Finn Calander

Beautiful Uppsala?

Starting 10:30 am, I walked towards Boländerna industrial and commercial district. Cloudy, +5 degrees Centigrade, rather chilly, but no rain. I've driven along these roads several times before, but not really taken notice of the surroundings. Today I often stopped and looked around, photographing scenes that caught my attention. Uppsala photographer Johannes Rousseau is publishing photographs under the name Beautiful Uppsala. By most aesthetic standards, the Uppsala I shot during my walk today could not be labeled "beautiful". Reaching the roundabout at the former Bolandsgymnasiet (upper secondary school), I turned back towards the city center and the Forsa homebakery. Bought a freshly baked bread. Returned home at 1:00 pm. Coffee. A good read = Open City by Teju Cole.

Distance covered (as measured by the iPhone): 7,4 kilometers


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