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A Change of Scene --> Inspiration

LAST WEEK I went to Stockholm and took the opportunity to make a short visit to Fotografiska. The Guy Bourdin exhibition was nearing its end, and I am glad that I didn't miss it. Bourdin was an imaginative photographer with surrealist way of shooting fashion. Another exhibition on display, was Thomas Wågström's "På Jorden" ("On Earth"). Some of his images didn't speak to me as it were, while others did. I liked the scenes he had shot from above; scenes consisting of up to three similar images. I ended up with a Swedish "Fika" at Fotografiska's Café, enjoying a black coffee, a cinnamon bun, and the magnificent view of Stockholm.

When I left Fotografiska to do other errands in the City, I strolled along downtown with the X100 ready. Wågstrand's photographs had given me inspiration, so I decided to "steal" his idea of "from above shots", and see what I could do with it. The day was overcast, a couple of degrees above freezing, with some slush on the streets. Walking along a ramp looking down on the walking area below, gave me a great opportunity to try out this idea. The result was a series of diptychs that I am rather pleased with (see below).

CLOSE BY THE Central Station, with a view towards the City Hall, stands the sculpture Who is Mr Walker, a piece of art that I appreciate. It depicts the Phantom, aka Mr Walker, running in his hat and overcoat. As a kid I read the comic book The Phantom with great pleasure, so this sculpture (made in the classic style of Lee Falk) really brings back a lot of good memories from my childhood.

BEFORE TAKING THE train back to Uppsala, I went to Wagamama for lunch. I really like Wagamama. Fresh and well cooked food; a delight for your taste buds as well to your eyes. And to a very reasonable price. I had a seat by a window by the restaurand entrance, and in this window there was a placed a menu for passers by to check out. I couldn't resist taking a couple of shots of people stopping to read this menu.

I TOOK SOME more pictures during the day – view them below. All images in this blog post were shot with the Fujifilm X100 camera.

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