EXHIBITION | The Power Project

THE POWER (Swedish: MAKT) PROJECT – photographs of street beggars in Uppsala, shot during a couple of weeks in September and October 2014. The aim is to raise questions of power relations in a globalized world. The beggars are Romani people from Romania, one of the most  exposed and powerless ethnic groups in the European Union. The passer by has the power to give or not to give a coin or more. On a national level, governments may exert its power to pass or not to pass laws making it illegal to beg on the streets. On the EU level, the parliament may or may not use its power to put pressure on the Romanian government, to take political measures to alleviate the Romani people's misery.
The photographs were exhibited at the Augéli museum in Sala 21 March to 11 April 2015.


Groups of students from elementary schools in Sala visited the exhbition in Travershallen (the Overhead Crane Hall) at the Aguéli Museum as part of their Art studies.