Uppsala has many cafés, the most famous being Ofvandahls, situated at Sysslomansgatan 5 since 1901. On and of during the last decade, I have taken photographs of people inside and outside cafés in the city centre. One of my favourites is Güntherska Hovkonditori & Schweizeri, dating from the late 19th century. Güntherska offers a great outdoor seating opposite Fyrisån at Östra Ågatan 31.

A great place to buy really good bread, buns and pastry, is Forsa hembageri (bakery) at Dragarbrunnsgatan 35. Forsa also acts as a small café, with a rather large outdoor seating in the warm season.

So, if you are in Uppsala, do not miss visiting one or more of the city's great cafés ...